Missing Key - RS6000 - Need Maint - Fix Bootlist

Missing Key - RS6000 - Need Maint - Fix Bootlist

Post by Charles William » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 07:05:11

Thanks All - was able to get the key switch off (the lock also held the
case - 7011-250 model) and took the switch apart until we can figure out
what we want to do with this system

Quote:> I inherited a RS6000 running AIX - I boot the silly machine and get a
> 223/229 error which according to the manual - need to go to maintenance
> and fix the bootlist record.

> Only problem, no key to switch to maint mode - any ideas????

> I have AIX Floppies and CD's and bootable tape - does note seem to work in
> NORMAL mode


1. bootlist missing

Hi! I found problem booting AIX. Whenever i try to reboot
the machine, it will prompt me set the boot sequence. I
don't know what happening for the machine. Can someone tell
me why? Thanks in advance.

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