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AIX 4.3.3

I am trying to configure the AIX to serve ppp clients. I can
ping the server and the client, I can get POP email but I
cannot see any machine (IP address)..

I have added the ppp client on the server using arp -s ether
ip-address-client mac-address pub but it still does not
work.  Someone suggested I nee proxyarp but I don't know
that it exists on AIX.  Any ideas ?



1. How to configure proxyarp with FreeBSD's user-mode PPP

Hi - can anyone help me?

I'm re-building my FreeBSD system around 2.1.5.  I've got the user-mode PPP
(the one
using the tunnel device) running properly in auto mode, but one thing still
eludes me.  

The documentation says that it supports proxy ARP, but I just can't see how
configure that.  None of the documentation says how to do it, and none of
the examples
seem to have it.  Nor do any of the  "obvious" commands (like proxy,
proxyarp, set
proxyarp) seem to work.  I'm mystified!

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

I know how to make it work with the alternate kernel-mode PPP, but I'd
prefer to stick with the user-mode PPP if possible.


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