Can upgrade to AIX cause problems with NFS Maestro 6.2

Can upgrade to AIX cause problems with NFS Maestro 6.2

Post by L. » Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:00:00

We have recentrly upgraded our RS/6000 to AIX and
are using NFS Maestro 6.2 to connect Win '95 PC's and 1 NT
workstation which holds an Oracle DB and the application we
are running.  After the AIX upgrade we exprienced a
significant reduction in performance in our application
everytime it tried to retrieve information from the Oracle
DB on the NT workstation.  The sniffer program indicates
that the packets are arriving at the NT workstation but that
Oracle pauses for 15+ seconds before responding.  This delay
did not occur prior to the upgrade.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?  Does anyone know of
any conflicts?

We have tried running the application locally, converting
the clients from Win '95 to NT...same result.  We get better
results when we eliminate the RS/6000 from the picture but
we can't store all the data on a small NT workstation.

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