HP5000 Driver to Support TABLOID (11x17) paper

HP5000 Driver to Support TABLOID (11x17) paper

Post by Steve Ryde » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone give me some pointers as to modification of the existing
HP4000/5000 or even 4 drivers to fool smit into allowing 11x17 paper in a
pre-determined tray?  Only choices in the scripting provided is A4, letter,
legal, and exec;  however, the output device is capable of rendering 11x17"

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1. 5SI MX prints on 11x17 paper

I'm using the following /etc/printcap on a Redhat 5.0 system to print to a
5SI MX on a JetDirect interface.





When printing to -Ptext, the 5SI MX grabs paper from the 8.5x11" tray and
prints properly.  When printing a postscript file to -Plp, the 5SI MX
grabs paper from the 11x17" tray, but prints a properly sized 8.5x11"
sized copy of the job on that paper. It appears that the problem is with
RH5 lpr sending raw data to the 5SI raw queue, perhaps causing the
printer to switch input paper trays.

Searching the web yielded a reference to lpr in the S.U.S.E distribution
having a problem with sending raw data jobs.  Could this be the same


Matt Porter                             Phoenix OpenSource Solutions

Matt Porter                             Phoenix OpenSource Solutions

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