Looking for experience with bug fix.

Looking for experience with bug fix.

Post by Peter A. Blem » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 08:22:00

Hi folks,

   IBM thinks that they may have a fix to my Interleaf woes (as a refresher
Interleaf kills the machine because it runs in monitor mode on the VRM at
an elevated priority).

   They say that this patch will allow me to change the nice value of any
process (running on the VRM or not) and that it contains "miscelanious"
other fixes. Unfortunately, they say it hasn't been tested much and that
it may have "side effects". Even more unfortunately, they won't elaborate
on what these potential side effects are.

   Does any one have any experience with this fix? I'd hate for the fix
to be worse than the original problem. IBM also says that they supply
a utility to 'remove' the fix should it prove catastrophic. Is it at all
safe to assume that this 'remover' will clean up properly?

I'd appriciate any comments.



Looking for experience with bug fix.

Post by Mark Lehma » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 08:03:00

  When you say that IBM told you, who do you mean?

  AIX Technical Support, NSD Defect Support, Your Marketing Representative,
  Your Systems Engineer?  

  When you say IBM it is kind of general.  Often getting the right answer
  is just a matter of talking to the right person at IBM.  At least that
  have been my experience.

Mark Lehmann

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Looking for experience with bug fix.

Post by Peter A. Blem » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 15:21:00

>  When you say IBM it is kind of general.  Often getting the right answer
>  is just a matter of talking to the right person at IBM.  At least that
>  have been my experience.

I posted a sort of shoddy results of the fix to comp.sys.ibm.pc.rt

As for the right person... From the beginning: (I'll be as brief as I can)

I talked to my tech rep, got nowhere. She posted to some IBM internal bbs
thing (and gave me a disk so I could read (but not post to it)), got nowhere.
I faxed Interleaf, they forwarded it to the IBM group in Boulder CO. First
reply said "Interleaf assures us that tps runs equally well on all platforms".
So I faxed back a * note saying that sure it runs great if your on the
console using it, but not if you're the poor slob trying to use a terminal
in the next room. Second reply said "We suspect the problem is in AIX, talk
to your tech support person". Well, here is where I started making radical
changes to /etc/master and relinking the kernel about once every thirty
min. I got more info from usenet posts than from these people. Then I got
pissed and told them (the boulder group) that if they didn't do something
we were going to try and get our money back (Interleaf, 6150/135 and all).
Amazingly enough two days later some guy at IBM austin calls my tech rep
with a patch. I install it, and it doesn't appear to do what he said it
did (see the comp.sys...rt post). I call him, and he says "You know, you're
right" - Let me call you back. Later that day is when I found out that the
fix works, only not in the manner that he or his letter said it did.

I appriciate your concern and taking the time to post, but I got a lot of
run-around from a lot of people at IBM. How am I supposed to know who to
talk to at IBM when IBM doesn't know (or won't tell me) who to talk to at

This isn't a flame, sorry if it sounds like one.



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