Old Firmware for 43P

Old Firmware for 43P

Post by iasc » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 00:55:24

Ran across your posting and don't know if you found a fix yet for your
problem of needing to re-flash the microcode.

I had the same problem and here is what I did on my Mod 7043 - 140 when
it told me I had a corrupt microcode (code FEB on my machine).  I did
this through a serial console but I think you can also do it through a
graphic console.

1)- Download the latest version of the code for your machine from
  http://www.rs6000.ibm.com/support/micro . I downloaded to a
  Windows PC.

2)- Copy the image file *.img to a floppy disk and name it as

3)- Put the disk in your computer and turn on the machine.

4)- After a few minutes my machine did not go to SMS but displayed
  the message
Failed to boot
At the above prompt I typed in
    setenv load-base 600000
            and then
    boot floppy:1,\precover.img         (yes that is a backslash)
5)- After another delay the machine booted to a display that allowed me
  to press 1 and enter the SMS display.  From that point I was able to
  navigate to the Utilities and Update the system firmware.  The screen
  displayed plenty of messages letting me know that the firmware update
  was in progress and it took about 5 minutes.  Make sure you DO NOT

6)- After the firmware update I was prompted to remove the disk and
  press Enter to reboot.  I then went back into SMS to make sure my
  configuration and boot sequence where correct.

Hope this helps.


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1. Old Firmware for 43P

Hi there,

My server is corrupted, on LCD I see code E080. I found on comp.unix.aix :

" The Firmware checkpoint E080 indicates the Service Processor firmware
  image is corrupted and needs to be RECOVERED. (...)
  It is possible to recover the Service Processor image with the
  following steps if you know the firmware level of the machine
  and have that image on diskette (...)

  PLEASE NOTE: If there is a mismatch of firmware, the system will NOT
               update the service processor firmware by the above
               recovery process. The I/O planar must then be replaced. "

The firmware level is px990201/SPX99027, but I don't have an image on
diskette. This firmware is not available at www.ibm.com (they only have
the newest version px010921/SPX01344). We have no IBM Maintenance for this
machine, so we can't have IBM people here to replace the I/O planar   :-/

Does anybody have a backup of this particular firmware or knows
where/how could I get it ?? I'd really appreciatte it if someone could help
me on that (our IBM contact couldn't).

Thanks in advance, any help is welcome.

                       Fernando Whitaker

                       National High Performance Computing Center at Sao Paulo
                       State University of Campinas - Brazil

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