/dev/null disappearing ...

/dev/null disappearing ...

Post by Kevin Coy » Sat, 22 Dec 1990 00:26:31

We traced the problem of a disappearing /dev/null to
the use of smit.  Line 100 of /usr/etc/lsnfsexp ends
with an extra '/dev/null'.  The line begins with 'rm -rf'.

Since removing the superfluous '/dev/null', we've had no
more problems with /dev/null.


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In /bin/sh, I tried to redirect the standard error and standard output to

I still has the error message from the following command:

        ls /xyz 2>&1 > /dev/null

but not from the following command:

        ls /xyz 2>&- > /dev/null

I thought >&1 is the same as >&-. Any comments are appreciated.

Thank you.


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