VAX floating point format conversion

VAX floating point format conversion

Post by Dale Penningto » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 03:07:57

We have been requested to communicate with a VAX machine using their F & G
floating point formats (which are NOT IEEE formats).

The old sun boxes had functions provided to convert external floating point
formats into the formats the sun used.

I was wondering if the AIX OS had similar functions and if so, what they are
(or if an open-source 3rd party library exists that does the same).

Note we cannot get the VAX to change formats to IEEE because we do not
control it, so we have to adapt.

Thanks for the help



1. IBM->VAX floating point conversion

Does somebody have a simple C routine to convert IBM floating point
format to VAX format?  Last time I had to do it I went to ascii and
back (actually ibm binary->ebcdic->ascii->vax binary) and don't want
to repeat this experience, rich as it was.

Paul Lansky
Music Department
Princeton University

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