CS/AIX LU0 Primary on 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter

CS/AIX LU0 Primary on 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter

Post by M. Davi » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I've hit a dead-end trying to configure a LU0 Primary line under
CS/AIX 5.  This is on a F40 running 4.3.  What's new to me is the
2-Port Multiprotocol PCI Adapter.

IBM refers to this as a "shallow" adapter - one with no onboard
co-processor.  It uses a hdlc driver instead of tw.  And for some
reason smit doesn't show a 'manage ports' option for it.  I can't get
any device for it to show up in /dev (ie: /dev/mpqd0).  The lu0server
program is looking for a valid device, and failing with errno=2 when I
try things like hdlc0.

Link/X.25 documentation has a specifc appendix to address differences
in the 2-Port.  I've drawn a blank in CS/AIX docs.  Is this adapter

Thanks for any and all help,
  Mark Davis
  Orlando, FL


1. can i use 64K modem for IBM 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter (331121b9)?

We have a R6 using SDLC to connect HOST With Modem 28.8K

Can we change the modem to 64k?
i have check the user's Guide!

it says  (copy from user's guide)
Technical Data
 PCI bus compatible (32-bit slot)
 Hitachi 64570 HDLC controller at 10 MHz
 512 KB of DRAM

Hardware Installation
 Automatic configuration of interrupt request level setting and memory
 32-bit memory access
 External Interface
 Two 36-pin female VHSI ports connect to 36-pin high-density male connectors
 Support for V.24/EIA-232, V.35, and V.36/EIA-449
 X.21 with V.11 (X.27) signalling
 External clocking

 2 Mbps full duplex per physical port
 Power Requirements

Does it mean .... i can use the 64k modem?

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