Trade: 8218 18GB SSA drives for 8209 9GB SSA drives

Trade: 8218 18GB SSA drives for 8209 9GB SSA drives

Post by rei.. » Wed, 15 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Has your company considered moving from 8209 9GB SSA drives to 8218
18GB SSA drives.  I would like to speak with someone who is considering
this move and would like to save money in the process. We have 8218 SSA
drives that are used for 7133 D40 disk subsystems.  We would like to
offer you credit on your 8209's in exchange for 8218 drives.  All of
our drives are 100% IBM, guaranteed IBM maintenance eligible and
contain a 30-day warranty.  Please contact me directly at:

Thanks in advance,


Reid SV

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On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 20:12:12 -0500 a carbon-based biped by the name of Lekic

Somewhere under the SSA Raid menu entry in the smit|Devices menu,
there is a point that will let you change the usage of a SSA disk.
If a disk has been a member of an array, it is probably listed as
'Array candidate disk' or 'Hot Spare'.
Change that to 'AIX system disk' for all the disks, and you should
be able to re-use the units as normal SSA disks.



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