GL Experience with RS/6000-730

GL Experience with RS/6000-730

Post by Eric L. Nels » Sun, 27 Jan 1991 03:24:58

We are looking at getting a 730 to run existing GL applications. We
like the CPU performance of the 730 but the graphics performance of a
SGI VGX. I'm getting conflicting reports on how fast GL programs will
run on the 730. Any opinions or  experience? Thanks

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 I am the administrator of an IBM RS/6000 Model 730. We are getting
errors on boot up that is saying some aspect of the 3-D graphics
accelerator may be bad. But the machine seems to be running fine,
Although I have not yet built up to any applications that would
really tax the accelerator. Diagnostics have not been much help,
since they report a board as bad, that board is replaced and we
still get errors.

 So I am looking for some public domain program that I could run
that would fail if there is indeed something wrong with this
board. we currently run AIX 3003, Graphics 2.2 and we also
have Pro-CADAM on the system. So if anyone has a application
they could let me use, I would greatly appreciate it.



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