man problems - nfs from V3.2 to V3.1 machine

man problems - nfs from V3.2 to V3.1 machine

Post by Vicki Jord » Wed, 19 Aug 1992 10:33:37

We upgraded  one machine to V3.2.  It has a cdrom with info and man on
it and it is nfs mounted to another machine still at 3.1.5.  When doing
a "man" on the 3.1 machine, the characters are painted on the screen so
slowly - its worse than a 300 baud modem line!  It "appears" that there
may be related to escape characters since options (with all the left
and right braces) are slow and new paragraphs lose the first character.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Does anyone know how I can track down
the problem? Will it go away if we upgrade the second machine?

And, as someone else mentioned, accessing the cdrom is really much
slower than with 3.1, even on the same machine!

Vicki Jordan


Computing Services
La Trobe University
Bundoora Vic 3083 Australia


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I export a file system from a machine using NFS V3 (AIX 4.2.1)
I mount this filesystem on a machine with NFS V2 (AIX 4.1.4)
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Does anybody knows the solution to speed up my NFS mount when the client
runs NFS V2 (AIX 4.1.4) and the server runs NFS V3 (AIX 4.2.1).
I do not want to update my AIX 4.1.4 system.



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