R30 to S7A - anyone else?

R30 to S7A - anyone else?

Post by Marc Schuett » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

we are thinking of upgrading our 7015 R30 (4 way 75mhz cpu) / 2GB RAM /
SSA array to a S7A. has anyone else out there gone from a similar
config? does anyone have an S7A? how much performance difference should
we expect (i know this is a loaded question)? we run a large erp-type
database (read-intensive). anything i should or should not specifically
get as an option on the new box? thanks in advance.


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1. S70 -> S7A upgrade horror story (anyone else in the same boat)


The company I work for upgraded from an S70 to S7A.  After the upgrade, we
suffer severe performance degradation during periods of high write activity
on our oracle database.
Has anyone suffered similar problems?  This is the config:
S7A, 12 cpu 12GB ram, 9GB oracle SGA, 900GB SSA disk (1.8TB mirrored).
4.3.1 (it is a supported rev per level Austin development for upgraded S70's
without the new IO drawers)



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