please help w/error msg assoicate w/snmpd

please help w/error msg assoicate w/snmpd

Post by Matt » Wed, 05 Apr 2000 04:00:00

To all,

Another question for this great list.  The obvious answer to
my question is to simply turn off SNMPD, but that doesn't
really answer why I'm getting this error message:

"snmpd[11644]: EXCEPTIONS: lseek of 0x9938b800 for "struct
if addr" in kmem failed"

The message only occurs while snmpd is running.  I'm
running 4.3.3.  I've replaced the binary /usr/sbin/snmpd
with one from another system that doesn't receive these
messages (and running same version of OS).

Has anyone seen this before?  Does anyone know any details
about the MIB (location, format, etc.) and whether that
could be the source of my problems (snmpd referencing a
corrupt MIB?)?


- Matt

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