Netscape plug-ins on AIX 4

Netscape plug-ins on AIX 4

Post by Alan Donova » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know if Netscape supports plug-ins on AIX?  I've a feeling
last time I asked the question they didn't and now they might.

RSVP if you are in the know,

 Alan Donovan, FORE Audio & Video, 14 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DB



1. NetScape Plug-Ins for AIX

This may not be the most appropriate place to post, si I apologize in

I'm looking for commercial (or free) plug-ins for NetScape that allow
viewing of MS Word documents in their native formats.  The word documents
are version 6.0 for Windows.

These plug-ins need to be for the AIX version of NetScape.

Thanks for any info!


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