Keybaord Pauses on Model 340

Keybaord Pauses on Model 340

Post by PROF. A.S. UMAR, (6 » Sun, 08 Nov 1992 05:25:00

We have two model 340's and two model 320H's. One of the 340 is at AIX 3.2.2
so are the two 320H's. One 340 is at 3.2.3. They are in the same network
enviroment, connected to network via tcpip.

The problem we are having is with the two 340s. As one types on the keybaord
occasionally one gets pauses where the typed characters are not echoed on
the screen after a second they are flushed onto the line. They behave just
like a slow or bad connection. BUT the same problem occurs on the console
as well (in an aixterm). The two 320H's have no problem at all. I have
originally suspected the ethernet connection of the 340s since they have
integrated adapters whereas the 320s have high perf eth adapter at ros level
28. However, this does not seem to explain the console behavior although
I know that X is always aware of the tcpip connections. The errlog does not
show any error for ent0. netstat -m did not give any error either for the
few times I tried.

Does anyoone have any idea what this could be due to? It is certainly very
annoying to all the users.

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1. typing pauses on Model 340!

I am using two model 340's that were separetly configured. They are connected
to the network via thin ethernet lines. In the same environment we also have
a 320H machine. There are 6-8 X-stations tied to these machines. They are all
at 3.2.2 or higher level.

On both of the 340s while typing in a window we get pauses of the blip while
one keeps typing. Then the buffer is suddenly flushed. I have only seen this
with the X-stations but someone told me that it also happens on the console.
It is very annoying. I have a 320H which is working perfectly. It almost
behaves like packets being dropped during the transmission. I noticed that
320 has the Hi Perf ethernet adapter at ros level 28, whereas the 340's have
something called the standard ethernet adapter. The lscfg -v -l ent0 command
does not produce anything but the title line on the 340s whereas it
produced detailed info like ros, fru, serial number etc on the 320.

Is anyone aware of such problems or solutions?

Tel: (615) 322-2459                     Vanderbilt University
Fax: (615) 343-7263                     Nashville, TN 37235

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