RS6000 X11 interface builders

RS6000 X11 interface builders

Post by hub.. » Sun, 20 Jan 1991 03:19:03

     We are trying to move some simulations to the RS6000 from VM/CMS
and are in need of a user interface building program.  We wish to
have an X compatible interface and have done a little bit of calling
vendors to find what is available for the RS6000.  One of the questions
we have is whether Interviews has been ported yet, and if it has,
where can we find both Interviews and the G++ needed to build
Interviews.  We've heard that IBM has the NeXTstep interface library
but we don't know if or when it may be available.  We've also
heard of a program called EZX and are curious about that.  Does
anyone know of any other products available, have further information
regarding the above, or have any other comments or issues to raise?
I will summarize the replies, but you will have to bear with my
delays.  We are backed up with our Usenet feed due to a network
outage last weekend and will get further behind due to scheduled
outage for 1/19 to 1/21

Thank you VERY much for any help. And thanks to some of you  for past

Dale Hubler

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