Dials and Windows - Molecular Modeling Analysis Program

Dials and Windows - Molecular Modeling Analysis Program

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We, at Wesleyan, have developed a software called "Dials and Windows", which is
a very useful graphical tool for analyzing the huge amount of data produced by
typical molecular modelling of nucleic acids and proteins. This program is a
graphical interface to "Curves" algorithm developed by Richard Lavery and Heinz
Sklenar to study irregular nucleic acid and proteins. "Dials and Windows" runs
currently on a wide variety of graphics plateforms and can analyze data from
the most common molecular modelling software. We are getting ready to
distribute it to the educational institutions and if anyone is interested in
knowing more about this, please let me know by sending e-mail to me:

There will be some paperwork required (license as well as information to keep
on our file for future updates) before receiving the software and we do charge
a small fee, mainly to cover the cost of media and documentation. Currently,
the program runs under VAX/VMS, Unix System V.x and AIX V3.x. The graphical
interface requires VAX/GKS, Silicon Graphics GL or Postscript printers (or
interpreters). We provide our own Postscript drivers, so if the user wishes to
use only the Postscript graphics, the GKS and GL are not required.

G. Ravishanker


1. RasMol Molecular Graphics program


I have been trying to compile a molecular simulation and visualisation
called  RasMol  unsuccessfully for the last few days!! I keep getting
stuck with
structure mismatches, undeclared variables, termios problems and whole
heaps of stuff.

Has anybody had any success compiling this beast on Linux 2.0 ??

I run RedHat 5.0 with kernel 2.0.32 and X11R6 v3.3.1 (I think, - it's
what came
with RH 5.0 anyways).

The publicity on the RasMol home page says it's easy to install and
lists linux as
a known platform. Not my experience at all, the source code is terribly
convoluted (like
my own !) and very hard to follow.

Any pointers/tips much appreciated.

Does anyone have an rpm ?  (AS IF!)


Stuart Lunt

ISA, University of Aarhus        phone:  +45 89 42 37 38
Ny Munkegade                     fax:    +45 86 12 07 40


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