About memory upgrade(rs6000-360)

About memory upgrade(rs6000-360)

Post by azte » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I used rs6000(Model 360).I hope to upgrade memory.
Now I use 32M(4M*8,1 memory card)
help me.

1. telnet from RS6000/360 to AS400


I would like to be able to telnet from a RS6000 Model 360 to an
AS400 but at present it is causing me some problems.

The RS6000 is accessed over serial lines using Esprit terminals
emulating VT220. When I telnet to the AS400 I get a login screen etc
and login but the keyboard mapping is wrong. I assume that this is
because the AS400 is working in 5270 emulation.

My question is - Can I get the telnet to emulate 5270 over the network
while showing it on a VT220 display? If this can be done it would fix
a number of logistical problems in the department.

I would be grateful for any suggestion and would also be grateful if
you could keep it simple for me! This is because I am a pharmacist
by profession and just sort of "fell into" managing this system!

Many thanks

Richard Eyles
Computer Services Pharmacist
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham UK


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