GNU Tar for RISC/6000

GNU Tar for RISC/6000

Post by gravishan.. » Fri, 04 Jan 1991 03:27:43


Has anyone ported GNU Tar to RISC/6000 platform? If so, I would like to hear
from you. I got a lot of compile time error messages and didn't bother to work
on it anymore.



1. GNU products for RISC 6000 That work on X11?

        Does anyone know of GNU products that have been revised to work for the
IBM RISC 6000 on X windows?  Primarily of interest are: emacs and g++.  If
there are any hackers out there who have revised their versions, I would like
to hear from you.  Please send replies to:

Lon Fisher
University of Texas at Austin

Thanks for you time.

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