My E310 drive failed, anybody know a good repair depot?

My E310 drive failed, anybody know a good repair depot?

Post by Mark Whetz » Tue, 16 Mar 1993 08:28:52

Well, yesterday one of my E310 drives failed.  Of course it failed
when I was not around.  I came back home to a c6-05 blinking in the
display, and when I tried to re-boot, the boot halted with a 26
(IPL in progress).

After doing some checking and diagnostics, I have found that my boot
drive has quietly expired and won't answer to the diagnostics.
Further investigation upon opening the case revealed the reason:
The FAN in the upper drive bay had failed, and was not running!
The top drive in bay C, where I had AIX 2.2.1 installed to, was very hot!
It was not so hot that I could not touch the drive, but it was very
uncomfortable to hold and remove from the case.

Even after leaving things off for a while, checking all the cabling and
reinstalling the drive, the drive will not respond.  Most likely the
heat has fried the electronics on the drive.

So... Has anybody had any good luck with repair facilities on drives?
How much does it cost?
The drive has an IBM sticker, but it is also plastered with MAXTOR
labels with what looks like a XT-4380E marked out, and series code 1,
plus TLA, HDA and PCBA numbers readable.

Can these repair places repair the electonics and leave the drive
alone? Or can they recover the data?  While it is not a critical loss,
I have about half of the lost information available in printouts and on
floppies.  Some information that I had been storing is now lost.
Natch I had not made any recent backups and my mail logs and correspondence
to some of my net friends has now been lost, along with some of my RT notes
I was collecting and preparing for making a FAQ list with.

I had just been remarking to my wife that I needed to make some backups,
wonder why these things fail BEFORE you have a chance to do these mundane
lifesavers?  Critical Mass detectors mabey? :-)

Thanks for any pointers/advice.
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