2G partion limit?

2G partion limit?

Post by Ronald Lovele » Sat, 03 Apr 1993 00:26:22

I found that I can't create a partition over 2G in size.  When I asked
around, I found that this limit was inherent in the way the fs
addresses things.  Is there some way around this or alternate fs
I can set up?  Please send email, as I don't read this group very
regularly.  Thanks.

1. 2G limit for 4G harddisk in partioning

I have a problem to partition my 4G harddisk during installation of
It is installed as slave.
my first partition on is /boot 20M
my second / about 1.8G
also there is swap space of 120 M

This does work, BUT
If i try to make a bigger root (/) partition, say 3G, disk druid tells
there is not enough space. Even if it is clear there is more the enough!

It shows that the total cappcity is indeed 4.2G.
But as soon as i cross the 2G border it fails.
I am using a Pentium system PCI,

Does soemone have an idea what is causing this?

thank in advance
(and please also mail me directly)


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