AIX ByteUnix benchmark Questions

AIX ByteUnix benchmark Questions

Post by Hackm » Wed, 11 Apr 1990 07:39:05

I am currently trying to run the ByteUnix benchmarks (v2.1) here at Cal Poly on
a brand new AIX configuration, and I have been having some problems.  

Our configuration consists of 10 PS/2's front-ending a 3090.

My first problem is that I don't really know if the compiler options for the
type of system should be set to SysV or BSD?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, on the filesystem throughput test, I keep getting 'write in copy' or
'I/O errors'.  Has anyone else experienced this while running the benchmark?

One last thing - I am also getting a 'message queue locked' error when trying
to run the data base test. Ideas?

I should mention that all of these problems have been occuring only on the
PS/2's, I haven't attemped to compile the benchmarks on the 3090 yet.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I need is an --------->   \X/              UUCP: ucbvax!voder!polyslo!gmartin


AIX ByteUnix benchmark Questions

Post by Shawn Hay » Wed, 11 Apr 1990 20:33:52

   Since we don't have AIX for the PS/2 I've never run the Byte benchmarks on
them, but when I ran it on the POWERstation 320 I used the SysV mode for
compiling all the programs.  Most of the benchmarks worked without any problems
so I don't know exactly what might be causing you trouble.  The only problems
I had were with getting the scripts to run , and those troubles were due to
the early pre-release versions of AIX 3.1.

   I would be very interested in seeing the complete report when you get the
benchmarks running.    

                                                          Shawn Hayes


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