Help with C++ Debuggers - need to load huge shared libraries

Help with C++ Debuggers - need to load huge shared libraries

Post by Gayatri Deshpan » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 21:32:46


I am using the xlC compiler(IBM C and C++ Compilers, Version 3.6.6)for
compilation of C++ code, on AIX 4.3.3

To debug this code after the executable is built, I need to use a
de*. If I use dbx, the de* hangs indefinitely at "reading
symbols ..." . I also tried gdb, which gives me a virtual memory
exhausted error. If I debug a simple C++ program with either dbx/gdb,
I am able to do so without any problem.

Is there a way to reduce the size of these shared libraries; there are
no virtual inline functions in the code & there is no code bloat due
to multiple template object instantiations.

I want to confirm if there are differant de*s for debugging  C &
C++ programs, or the same de* - dbx is used for debugging both.

Has anybody tried debugging C++ programs compiled using above
compiler(3.x) with Visual Age C++ de*? Would it be worth a try?

Thanks in advance,


Help with C++ Debuggers - need to load huge shared libraries

Post by Gayatri Deshpan » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:01:38

Quote:> Check your shell's limits with ulimit -a (Korn shell)
> or limit -a (C shell).  You might want to try increasing
> either 'memory' or 'data' or both.  

my ulimit -a shows "unlimited" for memory as well as data. top shows a
memory of 1600MB. what else could be a limiting factor??



1. Shared library loading shared library.

  I was wondering if someone could tell me how(if possible) this can be done.

  I am writing a shared library that an executable will load int at runtime.  The
shared library I wrote needs to use symbols and functions from another shared
library that was not part of the link line of the executable.  Is there a way for
a shared library to tell the executable that it needs other library loaded that the
executable didn't link in.

  Is there a command line option to ld when creating a shareed library to use
other libraries?

  Is there a link option for the executable to shared libraries to link in other
shared libraries not in the link line?

CC -o myProgram *.o -lmyLib

My shared library:
ld -G -b -o
  ** myLib needs another library

PS.  I am using SUNWspro CC4.1 compiler.

Thanks for any help,

Gregory Gee
Nortel ISPN
Phone: (613)763-6175 ESN 393

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