WTT: My SGI machine for a RS/6000 (Germany)

WTT: My SGI machine for a RS/6000 (Germany)

Post by Benjamin Gawer » Sat, 03 Nov 2001 05:35:45

I have a beautiful SiliconGraphics Indy 3D-Workstation standing around, with
MIPS R4600 64BitCPU, XS-Gfx, 64MB RAM, 4GB Harddisk, analogue and digital
Video-Inputs, 4Ch Audio-Subsystem with analogue and digital In- and Outputs,
and Ethernet and ISDN on Board. The machine comes preinstalled with SGIs
64Bit Operating system IRIX in its newest Release (IRIX 6.5.13m) and a lot
of Software (Netscape Communicator Web- and Mail client, CosmoCreate Webpage
Designer, MovieMaker Video Editing Program, Netscape Fasttrack Webserver,
i3dm 3D-Modeller, Flight Simulator and a lot more). Since Im more a friend
of IBMs RS/6000 line Id like to trade this machine for a IBM PowerPC-based
Dekstop RS/6000 like a 41T, 43P or similar (but please no 7011-250s!!!).
The machine should have at least 64MB (more is better) and a gfx card that
is supported by AIX 4.3.3. A HD is not necessary as I have enough lying
around that I can use. AIX itself even isnt necessary.

If someone has a RS/6000 in good condition (s)he wants to trade just mail me



1. WTT: IBM RS/6000 B50 for a 43P-150 or 43P-260

I have a almost-new IBM RS/6000 B50 (7046). The B50 is a 19" 2U Rack Server
which is technically identical to a 43P-150. It has a 375MHz CPU, 256MB RAM
and one 9GB disk drive. Since its basically a 43P in a different housing
its of course supported by AIX 5.02.

Heres some information about the B50:

Because I have no use for a 19" machine but need a stand alone RS/6000 Im
looking to trade this machine for a 43P-150 (even with slower CPU) or an
43P-260 with 200MHz POWER3. Machine doesnt need to have much RAM, and I
dont need gfx or disks or other drives.

Real offers only, I dont need even more adresses of hardware brokers ;-)


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