Interesting challenge - beeper software

Interesting challenge - beeper software

Post by roha » Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have 2 F40 with AIX 4.3.2 running on token ring. On both machines I have
installed a software sending messages to a beeper if various conditions are
true.  But the modem/line is connected to machine 1, which has been using
this system for a while.

How can I get machine 2 to send messages to the beeper via machine 1 where
the modem is?

The beeper software has a configuration file saying something like this:
BEEPER_SERVER= ip address
On machine 1 the address is machine 1's ip address. I have tried to use
machine 1's ip address also on machine 2. Doesn't work.

Are there anything else I have to do to make this work. I have only 1 line
to use, that's why I need both machine to work on the same modem/line.

Thanks in advance



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