High End Enterprise RS/6000 machines S7A, F50, SP etc

High End Enterprise RS/6000 machines S7A, F50, SP etc

Post by rei.. » Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We help companies save thousands of dollars per order on RS/6000
equipment.  I handle only high-end enterprise servers and can custom
configure S80's to F50's.  We also handle SP equipment and SSA disk at
50% of list.  We also handle features for these machines as well.  We
can save you between 10K and 100K per order, and if you are interested
in learning more, please call me direct:

Reid S-V
Senior Account Executive
Optimus Solutions

Reid SV

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Dear all,

I need to migrate all the files from RS/6000 F50 to RS/6000 B50 by
mksysb command. I can restore the all the file from the mksysb backup
tape. However, I cannot boot the computer. And I try to use bosboot
command to re-create the boot lv. However, still cannot fix the
problem. Could any one can help me????

thx a lot


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