Arc-Info/Arc-View Inquiry

Arc-Info/Arc-View Inquiry

Post by nues.. » Wed, 19 Aug 1992 13:22:15


        Finding myself interacting with and beginning to support Arc-Info
and Arc-View.  Running on RS/6K:AIX networked interactive with MVS & VTAM
to Windowed PCs.

        Comments on these packages solicited.  Particularly interested in
operating concerns in the AIX environment.  Please respond privately or via
Net according to importance for the Net.

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Arc-Info/Arc-View Inquiry

Post by Paul Sangst » Sat, 29 Aug 1992 05:08:06


I am making modifications to the netinet portion of the AIX kernel.
Does anyone know if you have to reboot in order for those changes to
take effect, or is there a shorter way?  It seems like tcp.clean
and then rc.tcpip combination doesn't do it.



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1. ARC-INFO Position

Oil and Gas industry company  is looking for an individual with
2-3yrs.  ARC-INFO experience on Unix based  work station.
Send  resume with references and salary history to:

Steve McNeely
609 Hicks
Tomball, TX 77375


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