Sendmail, hostname not recognized as local

Sendmail, hostname not recognized as local

Post by Michael J Grav » Sun, 12 Apr 1992 03:03:41

I am in the process of configuring a template for the
RS/6000s in our local subnetwork.  We're running AIX 3.1.5 with
IBM Sendmail AIX 3.1/UCB 5.61/IBM-4.03.  

Unfortunately, although I have defined the FQDN and the classes for
the parts of the hostname, sendmail does not recognize mail that
arrives with an un-fully qualified name.  Mail addressed to

The stock indicates that mail will be delivered locally
if the hostname matches any of the aliases in /etc/hosts or those
entered explicitly in  However, I have found this not
to be the case.

Any pointers?  Thanks for your help.

-Michael                           "Jealous gun-toting ex ends a cozy weekend"


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Hi.  I have a computer running Redhat linux 7.2.  I've set up my hostname as
well as I know.  It seems to recognize my hostname as 'radagast' within my
computer, but my router doesn't see a hostname and neither do my other
computers (windows xp).  Similarly, I used to be able to map a drive using
SAMBA and my hostname; now I have to use my IP.  It was working and now it's

If I type uname -a, I get this:

Linux radagast 2.4.9-31 #1 Tue Feb 26 07:11:02 EST 2002 i686 unknown

Here are the contents of etc/hosts:    radagast    radagast.localhost
localhost    localhost.localdomain

This computer is running behind a broadband router and is assigned an IP via

Thanks for any pointers...

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