Problem with telnet or kernel in AIX 3.1

Problem with telnet or kernel in AIX 3.1

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Help needed!

I telneted to our RS/6000 running AIX 3.1 and fired an application program in
foreground. By accident, my terminal was dropped from the network (my PC had
power failure). Then I telneted to the RS/6000 again. I found that the
application program became a zombei process and still kept running in the
kernel. Is this true that the AIX kernel kills the telnet session, the shell
associated to the telnet session, as well as the application program when
the remote terminal accidently drops from the network. If it is true, I must
miss something in configuring the AIX kernel or the telnet deamon. Would
somebody point me out what should I do. I would appreciate any helps.

Otherwise, our RS/6000 will keep generating zombei processes whenever the
ethernet network fails or the remote terminal drops for some reasons.


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1. Why can't KA9Q telnet to AIX 3.1?

I've got a bit of a problem.  Our KA9Q telnet client can't seem to
finish option negotion when connecting to our RS/6000.

I flagged DEBUG in the KA9Q telnet client, and I get this:

    recv: do 24
    send: wont 24
    recv: dont 24
    send: wont 24

Then ... _nothing_.  Characters typed are echoed, but that's all, and
I think KA9Q is doing that locally.

The weird thing about this problem is that the above sequence also
appears (followed by negotiation of Echo and Suppress Go-Ahead) when
KA9Q makes successful connections to our SCO UNIX 3.2v2 box.

Our AIX 3.1 is quite new:

   -r-sr-xr--   1 root     system    103330 Nov 08 15:32 /etc/telnetd

So what's the deal?

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