Problem with rdump of large filesystem on AIX 3.1.5

Problem with rdump of large filesystem on AIX 3.1.5

Post by Karen Casel » Thu, 06 Aug 1992 23:41:26

I am attempting to use rdump to backup a large AIX filesystem onto an Exabyte
8200 tape drive (8mm, 2.3 GB) :

Filesystem    Total KB    free %used   iused %iused Mounted on
/dev/lv00      1441792  124200   91%   44550    12% /home

I have tried the following three commands:

rdump -fdiablo:/dev/rsx0 -d 6250 -s 33000 /dev/lv00
 rdump -fdiablo:/dev/rsx0 -0 -d 6250 -s 33000 /dev/lv00
rdump -cd 43200 -s 12000 -0f diablo:/dev/rsx0 /dev/lv00

(these were recommended by my SE).  In all cases, the dump ends abnormally
after different percentages of completion, with the following message:

semop: A return value of a math subroutine is not within machine precision.

I can successfully rdump smaller file systems and I have similar problems
with another large filesystem (same size as this one).

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Karen Casella
Engineering Network Manager


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