Font weirdness & 3002

Font weirdness & 3002

Post by Paul Lindn » Thu, 06 Dec 1990 09:48:49

I recently (today) applied the 3002 update.  However something broke in
the update.  Whenever I open up an remote xterm onto my RS/6000 the font
is all garbled.  What is really irksome is that it's only on certain fonts.
The Rom* fonts work fine as does the fixed font. Local clients seem to not be
affected, however anything coming off of a remote machine (a Sun or a
Sequent both running X11R4) get's hosed fonts.  

The font that gets displayed has what appears to be a half size font in
the top half of the character and garbage in the bottom half of the character.
The fonts that it's doing it for is the courier font specifically.

Almost all of the other fonts work fine, however courier seems to be messed
up, except on the local machine.  This worked before (except for a few
extraneous lines when my remote emacs redrew the courier font.)


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1. /dev/rmt0.1 weirdness (RS/6k, AIX 3.1.3002)

I have been receiving some odd errors from our RS/6k when it runs our
incremental backup script.  The script is as follows (host1 is the
RS/6k, and host2 is the Sun whose /usr1 disk is being backed up to the
RS/6k tape unit):

   tctl rewind #make sure tape rewound
   /etc/umount /u #unmount /u for backing up
   /etc/backup -f /dev/rmt0.1 -9 -u /u #actually back up /u---no rewind
   /etc/mount /u #remount /u
   rsh host2 /etc/dump 9ubf 500 host1:/dev/rmt0.1 /usr1
        #backup host2 to host1's tape drive            
   tctl rewind #rewind tape

This is the tail end of the stdout from the backup script (set up in
root's crontab to run at 4:30 every morning):

   DUMP: DUMP: 30281 tape blocks on 1 tape(s)
   DUMP: level 9 dump on Thu Mar  7 04:32:58 1991
   DUMP: write: There is a request to a device or address that does not exist.

   DUMP: Write error on tape 1
   DUMP: fopen on /dev/tty fails
   DUMP: Bad return code from dump: 65280
   /dev/rmt0.1: Cannot create another process at this time.

The lines prefaced with DUMP: are stdout/stderr from the dump program
on the Sun.  It seems that the dump completes, but then chokes when
it's wrapping things up.

This script has been running since September with no problems.  The
odd thing about the AIX error at the end (about /dev/rmt0.1 not being
able to create another process) is that the script is run at 4:30 in
the morning when nobody is logged on . . .  Does anyone know why
/dev/rmt0.1 can't create another process?



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