where can I find : devices.mca.e001 - bos.rte.mp - bos.txt.tfs ?

where can I find : devices.mca.e001 - bos.rte.mp - bos.txt.tfs ?

Post by Bruno Misseeu » Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I have installed AIX v4.1.5 from scratch.

1) When I run cfgmgr, I get the following message :
cfgmgr: 0514-621  WARNING: The following device packages are required
for device support but are not currently installed.

2) I fail in installing some other packages due to not installed
prerequisites packages :
bos.rte.tmp and bot.txt.tfs

I would like to install these missing packages, if I knew where to find
them. I
cannot find them on any of the CD's that got delivered with my AIX v4.1.5
installation box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

TIA, Bruno Misseeuw,


1. Upgrade to 4.3.3 failed on bos.txt.tfs


While upgrading from AIX 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 bos.txt.tfs fileset upgrading
failed with the following error:

./bos.txt.tfs.post_i[88]: 39952 Illegal instruction(coredump)
instal:  Failed while executing the ./bos.txt.tfs.post_i script.

0503-464 installp:  The installation has FAILED for the "usr" part
        of the following filesets:

Now I don't have on my systems tools like nroff.
I have tried to download this fileset from
http://service.software.ibm.com but I cannot get it seperately

Few people I asked had the same problem and they just surviving without
those text formating services.
Does anyone have a solution ?

Jacob Fried

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