WTB or Trade: AIX 4.x compliant video card for 7011-220

WTB or Trade: AIX 4.x compliant video card for 7011-220

Post by TheW » Thu, 03 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I recently purchased a 7011-220 from a used computer store (actually a
6611 Network Processor) that they had gotten with a pallet of old PCs
they bought at an auction.  Unfortunately, the 6611 did not come with a
video card installed and I would like to get one.  I am looking for a
card that is supported by AIX 4.x.

I do NOT have a lot of money to spend, but I do have some items that I
can trade for the card.
1.  The 400 MB harddrive that came in the unit (go ahead, laugh ;) )
2.  1 Ethernet Port Adapter
3.  1 2-port V.35 Adapter
    (Note: 2 & 3 comprise feature code #9683 on the 6611, I believe)

Drop me a note and let me know what you have available.


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Installing AIX 4.3.2 on a 7011-220 requires fileset
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This fileset seems to be missing from the 4.3.2 CDs.

The 4.1.1 devices.sys.sga does install with 4.3.2, but
the monitor stays black. Any ideas? The 4.3 release
notes say that 7011-2xx models are supported.

Sincerely,  Michael Fink
University of Innsbruck, Computing Services


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