Part Numbers for Power Series Thinkpads

1. FS: IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850 (well, maybe...)

I'm hesitantly entertaining ideas of selling my ThinkPad Power Series 850.
Details are listed below:

IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850 Laptop
100 MHz PowerPC 603e Processor
10.4" TFT Screen
64 MB RAM (IBM DIMM Cards), expandable to 96 MB
810 MB 2.5" SCSI Hard Drive
Double-Speed SCSI CD-ROM built-in
Built-in SCSI-2 External connections
G10 Video Framebuffer with NTSC Video Capture functionality
IBM 10Base-2 PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter
AIX 4.2.1 Preinstalled, 4.1.3 original media included
Needs new battery - current battery won't hold charge

More details on these interesting PowerPC-based laptops can be found at:

As this is somewhat a unique item, I'm not sure what to start asking at.
For the moment I'll consider any reasonable offer.  I'm hesitant to sell
this unit because it's done me quite well during the time that I've had
(close to a year), but I've not been able to put it to the full use
someone else might be able to, especially now that the ISV that I work for
has made some changes to the platforms they support.  FWIW, my stab in the
dark at a starting value would put this somewhere between $750-1000, but I
could be off...

Questions?  Offers?  Email me.  I may consider partial trades for other
UNIX-based laptops such as SparcBook 3GXs or such

Chris Petersen
Systems Engineer
Unigraphics Solutions Inc.              Industry Services, Mid-America Region

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