Question about PDT error message

Question about PDT error message

Post by Scott Hammo » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 23:11:59

PDT is giving me the following error in its daily report:

   -  VMM has identified 49 bad frames

Does anyone know what this error means, and how to correct it?



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  I have PDT running on my J50 running AIX 4.2.1. Once in a while I get
  following message in the report:

   -  There is evidence of memory contention, yet Memory Load Control is

  What does this mean? I have 2GB of memory and 2GB of swap space spread
  across multiple disks.

lsps  -a  
Page Space  Physical Volume   Volume Group    Size   %Used  Active  Auto Type
paging01    hdisk10           vg10           256MB     100     yes   yes  lv
paging00    hdisk8            vg08           512MB      51     yes   yes  lv
paging02    hdisk7            vg07           512MB      51     yes   yes  lv
paging03    hdisk2            vg02           512MB      51     yes   yes  lv
hd6         hdisk0            rootvg         256MB     100     yes   yes  lv

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