A problem of Xstation 150

A problem of Xstation 150

Post by Sugyoung_Jun » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I'm having a problem when starting X-station 150 (product of IBM)
when it starts, a login window is displayed but, Keyboard is not fully
<Enter><Backspace><Numlock> keys  are not working.
I think keyboard is not physically out of order.

Any comment will be a great help for me.
Thanks in advance.


1. IBM Xstations (150) + SUN SOlaris


We have an opportunity to acquire some IBM XStations (150) that would
mainly be used for applications running on a SUN SPARC running Solaris 2.4.
Need to know if this arrangement would work, and any known problems,
possible decent configurations etc.

We do have some HP Aptrex's wchich run just fine.




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