43P Model 132 memory question

43P Model 132 memory question

Post by Patrick R. Palme » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I would put them in a PC to check them out.  Also, where are you finding out that
it is reading them as 8Mb?  the SMS from disk will report the installed size, but
Aix may only see the 'good' size.  I put some cheap SIMMs of the right type in
mine (after putting a DIMM in my PC) and the system hung altogether.  By the way,
IBM couldn't tell me what the error code meant other than the motherboard has a
problem (which I could tell from the manual!) so I didn't agree to their help.  Oh
and I didn't have this problem with firmware 1.07, only after I upgraded to 1.11
(same as yours)!

In fact the bad parts are noted in NVRAM, and avoided.  There must be '3Mb of good
memory' for the boot to proceed.  From 'Introduction to PCI-Based RS/6000
Servers'   sg244690.pdf  found on


I think.  I was going to check but the service is crawling.  But try SMS if you
haven't.  I have heard and found that you need good quality SIMMs, as many PC ones
are not upto it despite what they say (I think PCs don't use their speed).
However, I have successfully installed quality 3rd party stuff.

I have never seen any info on the jumpers and I looked long and herd at the web


PS.  The newsgroup folk have been great! And I'm still hoping someone will figure
out why my lft0 fails to start properly so my graphics display doesn't come

> Well, a couple of questions related to the 7248 series:

> 1. As defined in the user's guide I purchased four 32MB SIMMS (parity, 60ns).
>    I installed them, but they only show up as 8MB modules.

>    Microcode version 1.11
>    I know they are 32MB modules.
>    Is there an undefined jumper I need to set?

> 2. Does anybody have a listing of the jumpers on the main board?

> IBM support wanted $234/hr with a 1 hr. minimum to answer these questions.
> Hopefully someone else out there has come across this already.
> Please reply to my E-Mail address as I don't have a direct news feed.  Thanks.