3Com 3C523 Ethernet Card

3Com 3C523 Ethernet Card

Post by David Hampt » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 05:17:00

I have a IBM PS/2 Model 80, with partitions for both OS/2 and AIX.  I
am trying to install a 3Com Etherlink/MC (3C523) network card into
the system, but cannot get either operating system to recognize it.
Has anyone does this?  I would appreciate any help.


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1. PS/2 AIX and 3Com 3c523 ethernet board

I've been trying to install version 1.2.1 of AIX for the PS/2 on a model
80 with a 3Com 3c523 ethernet board and haven't been able to get TCP/IP
work.  I installed TCP/IP following the instructions in the manual,
then installed the 3c523 driver in /usr/nifl/3com (following the
instructions in the README file).  Everything appears to install
correctly, but it doesn't work when I reboot.

I am able to ping using the loopback connection or my local ethernet
address, but can't get to anything on the network.  Also, I'm getting
a bunch of messages saying:

   kernel: elmcrint: bad LLC control field 0

in /usr/adm/messages.

Has anyone been able to get this combination to work correctly with
version 1.2.1?

Thanks in advance...

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