perl 4.010 under AIX 3.1 (3003) and AIX 3.1.5

perl 4.010 under AIX 3.1 (3003) and AIX 3.1.5

Post by Vic Abe » Thu, 13 Jun 1991 04:06:54

To make perl 4.010 pass all of its tests under AIX 3.1 (3003) I had to
compile regexec.c with -g and set the cppstdin variable to /lib/cpp.
After running Configure, edit and change the cppstdin line to:


After the line


Only the cppstdin change to is needed for AIX 3.1.5.


1. C + FORTRAN + getenv() (Was: NCAR running under AIX 3.1 update 3003)

You are essentially correct - there is a problem. However, it is possible to
mix FORTRAN and C with a C routine that calls getenv - just make sure you
link in the C runtime library... as in:

test1: $(COBJS) $(FOBJS)
        xlf $(FFLAGS) -o test1 $(COBJS) $(FOBJS) -lc

Ordinarily the linker will satisfy the reference to getenv from the FORTRAN
runtime library.

Now, there is a problem if BOTH the FORTRAN and C routines call their
respective getenvs - There can only be one getenv symbol in the final
bound product so someone looses.  

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