Running Scripts

Running Scripts

Post by Arshad She » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 03:05:40

Hi there,

I have a NIM Client and I want to change some files on it. How can I
do that via NIM Master. Lets say I want to ran a simple script on the
client which will put some parameters in /etc/enviroment file. I just
make a simple script with echo and few other commands now I want to
ran the script on the client. I can ran a customized script if I want
to install a machine and NIM master gave the option of running
scripts, but I don't want to install any thing, just want to ran a

My objective here is to run custom made script on various client
machines (100+ machines ) via NIM Master.

Thanks in advance for your input.



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I'm kind of a unix newbee so excuse please. I am trying to run a script which
runs fine at a command prompt but fails in cron. It contains some backup
software commands that fail in particular..

I realize the problem is that the cron environment is different..... What
should I do to ensure that it is the same. i.e. variables etc..... Should I
run my root profile and how do I do that?   Which shell should I specify and
how?  Thanks.. Here is the beginning of my script.... BTW I login as root.
As you can see, I do not do too much to set it up.
Thanks.  Its solarix.

RELAX, its only ONES and ZEROS.

#! /bin/sh
export PATH
# This will only run if weekt.flg exist. This will ...
# Echo report of server status.
# Echo report of erasecart status for each group.
# Run erasegroups to erase all 'dropped' platters for each group.
# Run newfull to set all current platters to 'dropped' status for each group.
# Run totale to start new full backup sets for each group.
# Echo report of server status.
# Echo report of erasecart status for each group.
cd \auto
echo "******** CURRENT SERVER AND GROUP STATUS ***********" > weekt_totals.dat
date > weekt_totals.dat
sleep 60
netstate -q >> weekt_totals.dat

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