Help! Jumper Steeing of M2266SA to RS6000

Help! Jumper Steeing of M2266SA to RS6000

Post by Takashi &am » Sat, 07 Mar 1992 14:12:30

I bought a M2266SA at a Mac Shop, spending $2000 by my pocket,
to use as drive for the RS6000.
 But, at the time I ordered, I never thought to keep a woodpecker
on my desk.
 And I, at the first time, thought to use the money back
guarantee, to change to the Wren VII, but a friend of me having a
mac,( he always take back my used ones) gave me a good Idea about, he
told that:
"The resale value is the first view point to select the drive, If
you change the drive to the quiet one of 1yr warr. , when you want
to sell me that, off the warr. the drive is worthless for me.
while, the woodpecker is 5 yr warr, you would let off the drive in
a few year, at the time I will take back the one at $1000 or so,
so you don't need to be a mess for keepin a woodpecker over 5
I am now keeping a woodpecker on my desk, pekking all the days.
Setting aside the story, if anyone keeping one and using with
RS6000, have some idea about the Jumper setting of the drive, to make the best
throughput of the drive (both used with the internal ibm 400mb drives), please
give me some idea about.

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1. HELP ME!!!...Wanna use Linux on RS6000 I have...but know nothing about RS6000'...!!!


Okay, so someone gave me a Rs-6000. I don't know nothing about these
machines...I do know about several other type of computers and Linux

Okay so who can help me...model is a 7012 "powerserver 320H" written
on front...I went to a web page about Rs6000' and I know what it is
supposed to be...originally...

I have 0 manuals. I did not get a monitor or a keyboard with box...

Here are the questions:

I am getting no video at all when powering up machine. Unit seems to
have a video card (silicon graphics ?) with a VGA connector and
connectors for some high ends monitors (looks like some kind of tiny
RCA - not familliar with these...) Can I plug in a standard VGA/SVGA
monitor and get video -- in the VGA connector, of course...really
should I be getting some video at the start? error messages etc???

Can I use a "standard" keyboard with PS2 style connector to the
Rs-6000? I seem to be getting no response from the one I plugged
in...It was checked on a PC and works fine...

What should be happening really?....I hear the 2 scsi drives spinning,
I hear them seeking away, several codes fly by on front panel and then
unit shows no codes and drives stop seeking after a while...Is this

Any other tips???

I really wanna get this thing going to run Linux on it...Or if the
port does not run on this model, I will go with AIX...but I would like
linux more...

Thanks for reading...

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