IBM 7203-001 Portable disc unit failures

IBM 7203-001 Portable disc unit failures

Post by Jan-Olof Carls » Thu, 31 Oct 1991 01:07:52

A client of ours have a lot of trouble with disc failures on RS/6000 520
server machines. Each server has 6 external IBM 7203-001 (670MB) discs
handled by 2 SCSI-cards.

IBM says the internal 800+MB discs are not so reliable as the external ones,
but there has been a lot of disc-crashes on both types.

Is this a common problem ? Are there any reliable third-party disc available ?

Jan-Olof Carlson, Frontec Gothenburg, Sweden.


1. Portable disk unit failures

1. What internal 800+MB discs are you talking about?  Do you mean
   two 400MB drives together?  

2. Also, specifically, what is wrong with your external drives.  Has anyone
   at level 2 or level 3 seen a dump of the error log?

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