IBM AIX Selective Fix Announcement

IBM AIX Selective Fix Announcement

Post by Lenny Tropia » Sat, 06 Feb 1993 00:11:03

                                       AIX Customer Service and Support
                                                  Customer Announcement  
                                                       February 1, 1993


A Strategic Change to Selective Fix

 The most significant service change from AIX 3.1 to 3.2 was the              
 introduction of selective fix.  The implementation of selective fix has
 resulted in many concerns for both IBM and our AIX customers.

 Through customer feedback, IBM has identified and put in place plans to
 resolve many of the concerns regarding the selective fix/enhancement
 process.  In particular, planned modifications to the implementation of
 the selective fix/enhancement strategy will result in the following

 1.  The time to install selective fix packages will be significantly

 2.  The size of selective fix packages will be significantly reduced.

 3.  You will now have the ability to receive a cumulative fix package.

 4.  An enhanced method for determining your system's modification level
     will be provided.

 These improvements are made possible by modifications to the policies
 that govern the packaging of software service into Program Temporary
 Fix (PTF) Packages.  These packaging policy changes can be summarized as

 1.  Selective fixes will be packaged into functionally related groups of
     software components called "subsystems".  For example, the following
     are Base Operating System subsystems:

               - Korn Shell Subsystem
               - Bourne Shell Subsystem
               - Kernel Subsystem

 2.  The PTF Package for a given subsystem will contain all fixes known
     to date for the given component and will therefore supersede all
     previous fixes for the same subsystem.

 IBM plans to begin using the subsystem selective fix strategy in the
 second quarter of 1993.

 IBM is interested in hearing feedback from you on the new strategy for  
 subsystem selective fix.  Please forward your comments and suggestions
 to :

    IBM Corporation                           Internet address :        

    11400 Burnet Road, 903/9330                            
    Austin, TX.  78758                                    

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