How many AADU users can be supported on a PS/2-80?

How many AADU users can be supported on a PS/2-80?

Post by John R. Brinke » Mon, 13 May 1991 11:52:43

The subject says almost all ...  We are considering replacing a Novell
network (Arcnet based) with a TCP/IP network with a PS/2-80 server
running AIX.  The file/print service functions for the DOS boxes on the
network would be supplied by AADU (aka PCInterface).  Various IBMers have
told us that such a configuration would be able to support 16 DOS/box users
adequatley!  Since Novell tends to advertise *their* servers at 128+
users, we are concerned (Novell doesn't tell us what those 128 users are
doing, however).  So, AADUsers out there, what is your experience?  jb.

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Has anyone out there in managed to get PS/2 model 80's to run
TCP-IP with an ethernet controller, and talk to any machines other
than other PS2s on the same wire? If so, can you please tell me what
ethernet board you are using, what the EPROM revision numbers are and
other relevant information?

TO give you some background: I have a number of PS/2-80's on two runs
of thin ethernet. The machines are connected to the ethernet with HP
Thinlan MAUs. The two runs of ethernet go to a thinlan hub and from
there to the departmental backbone. We have over 200 machines of at
least thirty different kinds our cable, and they all talk happily to
each other. But those $%^#$ PS/2s won't talk to them, and they won't
even talk to each other. They seem to drop one out of three to five
packets, and I can't figure out why. I put a netanalyzer on the
cable and nothing peculiar shows. HELP!



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