Running multiple operating systems o

Running multiple operating systems o

Post by Thomas Kle » Sun, 25 Apr 1993 04:04:00

Quote:> We are in the midst of converting our software over to use AIX 3.2.  We would
> like to make one or more of our machine so that they could be booted from
> either 3.1.5 or 3.2.  Has anyone done this?  Thanks.

You need another Harddisk to install another Release of AIX.
You must choose the new Disk at Installation as Device.
Then you have to alter the bootlist like:
bootlist -m normal hdisk1 hdisk0

At the startup first hdisk1 is used.
When you switch of hdisk1 the other Disk (hdisk0) is used.

ciao, Thomas


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HI. I'm trying to run LILO with multiple operating systems. I have a
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I installed W2K first, then W98, then linux, But LILO only works with the
second Windows that I installed, W98.
I added the following lines to the LILO.conf file, but I guess I don't
know exactly how to do it.


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