IBM 7133-D40 with 8518/8218

IBM 7133-D40 with 8518/8218

Post by Tim McKenn » Sun, 02 Jun 2002 07:01:24

Penn Computer Corp. has the following pre-owned equipment for sale:

IBM 7014-S00 RACK- $ 1,500
IBM 7133-D40 with (16) 18.2 10k SSA Disk , Price $12,300
IBM 7133-D40 with (16) 18.2 7200 SSA Disk, Price $9,000
Please ask for Tim MCkenna (215) 444-9999

Timothy McKenna
Penn Computer Corporation
2940 Turnpike Drive, Unit 10
Hatboro, Pa 19040
Phone:(215) 444-9999
Fax:(215) 444-0440
Complete IBM RS6000,Netfinity, Sun Micro, HP 9000, Compaq, Cisco Solutions.


1. Getting original shipping carton for 7133-D40

We have a need to send a 7133-D40 SSA drawer to another of our sites;
we also want to keep it in good shape and must use an original carton
in order to be insured by the shipper *and* to be covered by IBM warranty
along with using their preferred shipper. No problem.

Only catch is, we don't still have the original shipping carton.

Does anyone know where I'd want to even begin looking for one? Does
IBM sell these, or is it possible to get an unused one somewhere?


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