non-IBM drives in PS/2 Model 80

non-IBM drives in PS/2 Model 80

Post by r.. » Mon, 19 Feb 1990 10:40:56

In preparation to running AIX on my PS/2 Model 80, I've been trying
(unsuccessfully) to install an internal CDC Wren V.  At present, I have
a 70 MB IBM drive in the system enclosure.  The Wren V is model 94186-383H
(383.3 MB unformatted) and ESDI compatible.  After trying a seemingly
endless series of cabling and jumper setting variations, I'm stuck.  As
best I understand it, in the Model 80, drives are radially connected, rather
than daisy chained.  I've jumpered the new drive as drive  under the
assumption that drive 1 is the current IBM drive.  From the IBM and
CDC documentation, it's not clear which drive should be terminated; I
tried both combinations with no luck.

When I boot with the IBM diagnostics diskette, the system reports
a 10491 error then finds two drives.  However, as the diagnostics continue,
it reports that the new drive is 316 MB and then fails the seek test.
This happens as soon as the disk controller sends the first command to
the drive.  Attempting to boot DOS just hangs the system.

Anyway, I'm out of ideas.  Does anyone have suggestions on what I
might try?

Dan Reed
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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I'm running Libux 2.0.35-MCA on an IBM PS/2 model 80. I connected an IBM
PS/2 two button mouse. With the IBM diagnostics diskette this mouse works
fine, so I can be assured it's properly attached. Now with Linux (kernel
compiled with PS/2 mouse support) pressing the buttons or moving the mouse
does not do a thing (gpm -t ps2 is running). The PS/2 Mouse counter (IRQ
12 in /proc/interrupts) does not increase, so the kernel does not seem to
detect mouse motion. When booting, however, it does say "PS/2 auxillary
pointing device detected -- driver installed.". Also, when unplugging and
replugging the mouse the system does receive some mouse interrupts.
On a model 70 (same kernel) everything works fine with gpm.
What could be the reason for those problems? Is the PS/2 mouse port
incompatible on a model 80?

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