Upgrading xlc.rte and xlc.aix43.rte

Upgrading xlc.rte and xlc.aix43.rte

Post by Liora Milbau » Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:00:00

We are developing software over AIX 4.3.2 operating system.
Few weeks ago we installed a fortran compiler on the build server. The
install process also upgraded two run time products: xlC.AIX43.rte and
The output of the command: lslpp -l | grep xlC is:

  xlC.aix43.rte      COMMITTED  C Set ++ Runtime for
AIX 4.3
  xlC.cpp            COMMITTED  C for AIX Preprocessor
  xlC.msg.en_US.cpp  COMMITTED  C for AIX Preprocessor
  xlC.msg.en_US.rte  COMMITTED  C Set ++ for AIX
  xlC.rte            COMMITTED  C Set ++ Runtime

After this we understood that the applications build on this machine can

run on machine which are installed with the same version of
xlC.aix43.rte and xlC.rte. The problem is that our customers who want to

run this application, don't buy fortran compiler so they don't have the
new version of those products. Where can they get them?
I understand that they are not on the AIX V4.3.2 5765-C34 CDROM
(LCD4-0292-07). Is there a patch that they can download?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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