Compiling with xlc_r4 on aix 4.2

Compiling with xlc_r4 on aix 4.2

Post by Weidong Wan » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Some of 4.2's system include files (i.e. /usr/include/pwd.h) adds lines


and xlc_r4 complains error on those line.

4.1.4 headers don't have those line.

Anyone hitting the same problem and have an answer?

Thanks in advanced.


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1. AIX 4.2 xlC_r4 --> AIX 4.3.3 Visual or gcc?

We have a large application running on, among other platforms, AIX 4.2,
and built with the  xlC compiler.  We want to move to AIX 4.3.3, so
obviously we need to get a newer compiler.

As long as we have to do battle with compiler switches anyway, we have the
option of buying the Visual 5.0 compiler (I think that's the latest

I'm not an AIX expert; none of us [left] are.  I would like to hear
informed opinions on whether gcc will cut it for us, or should we go with
the commercial product.  Specifically, how picky is it, how are the error
messages, and how does the optimization compare?

Thanks in advance.  Pointers to infosources also welcome; I'm not afraid
of a little work.

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